Outing to the exhibition Portrait of an Emotion

Diana Tamane. Still from the video Under the Same Sky. 2021

Venue: NART – Narva Art Residency (Joala 18, Narva)
Artists: Diana Tamane, Lydia Debeer, Jegveni Zolotko
Curator: Laura Toots
Outing to the exhibition opening: 18.09.2021, 2 pm (please check the Tallinn Photomonth website and social media for the latest information)
Opening times of the exhibition: 19.09.–14.11.2021, Tue, Thu–Sun 11–18 (Mon, Wed closed)
No wheelchair access

COVID-info: All visitors over the age of 18 are asked to present a COVID-19 certificate (proof of vaccination, of having recovered from COVID-19 in the past 180 days, or proof of a recent negative test) and your ID to participate in the event. There is no rapid testing on-site.

On September 18 at 14:00 the opening of the exhibition is preceded by a tour with a group of young people Art Revolutionaries / Narva st.ART. Together with the artist Maria Kapajeva they have produced murals based on Kreenholm designs from the Narva Museum collection. The tour will be in 3 languages (Estonian, English, Russian). The meeting point is in front of NART.

Opening of the exhibition “Portrait of an Emotion” is held on 18.09:
15:00 – Tour with the exhibition’s curator Laura Toots, in Estonian and Russian
16:00 – Opening of the exhibition
The evening continues with the live performance by Analogue Quattro – musicians from Sillamäe.
Food is provided by White Good Food Truck.


Artists: Diana Tamane, Lydia Hannah, Yevgeny Zolotko
Curator: Laura Toots

The exhibition is inspired by the sensitivity of the three participating artists, and their skillful treatment and combination of different materials and motifs. What unites these artists is the impactfulness of their works, showing how emptiness or absence can turn into presence, into something solid and strong. Repetitions characterise their works, whether thematic or formal, emphasising the repetitive nature of human efforts.

According to Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet and scholar, being human is comparable to an inn, where new guests come every morning in the form of emotions. They are always changing and, most importantly, always passing. All guests, including those who are spiteful, must be greeted and invited in, because when they leave, they make room for the next ones.

All three artists bring diverse portraits to the exhibition – from real life and fictive, introspective meditations, as well as wider social inquiries, amalgamations of historical and contemporary material, planar and spatial in form, but first and foremost these can be considered self-portraying visions – Yevgeny-Zolotko-like, Diana-Tamane-like and Lydia-Hannah-like ways of experiencing the world.