Anna Mari Liivrand “Prick of a Daisy”

Anna Mari Liivrand. Rhythmics of coagulating moments. 2021

Venue: ARS Art Factory Project Space (Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn)
Artist: Anna Mari Liivrand
Dates: 10.09.–16.10.2021
Opening times: Mon–Fri 12–18, Sat 12–16
Opening: 29.09.2021, 6 pm
Accessible by wheelchair

Anna Mari Liivrand’s solo exhibition takes as its starting point the process of change and the passage of time, accompanying our daily lives, but often in an imperceivable manner. In the constant process of change, new images, worlds and artefacts suddenly appear, and on the other hand, previously familiar objects and thoughts vanish and become forgotten, foreign and unknown. We often take notice of the change when the transformation has already taken a solid form, but the process itself remains elusive. Sometimes change can bring about anxiety and fear caused by not knowing whether the perceived change is good or bad, or whether it is at all related to the person. The exhibition regards transformation through familiar and mundane objects such as ornaments or consumer goods, thereby creating a background in which it is possible to notice the quiet formation of one’s surroundings.