OSA Collective „Cultural codes: Tallinn”

OSA collective. „Kultuurikoodid: Tallinn”. 2021

Venue: Foorum Centre facade (Narva mnt 5)
Artists: OSA Collective
Opening times: 24/7
Accessible by wheelchair

This project is a visual exploration into the post-Soviet childhood of three women. Two different countries, three different cities, all emigrated from their home countries. United by Tallinn. At the beginning of our professional collaboration, we try to visualize our memories and our feeling of the city. Creating a series of codes, depicting different memories of different feelings, of different points in the past. We use public transport as a vehicle for our memories to exist and move. Public spaces like bus stops and buses are where we face the mundane nature of reality. People with their own personal stories come together, mix, move between neighborhoods, connect, and part ways. We believe these locations to be essential arteries of the city. Helping it move and be alive.

We decided to add another visual layer to this busy spectacle of life, complementing its chaotic nature.