Main Exhibition: Performance by artist Laura Kuusk (EE/EN)

Laura Kuusk. „Kuidas liikuda nagu limaseen”, autori foto. 2021

Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM). Põhja pst. 35 / Rumbi 3, 3. floor
Depending of the audience, the performance will be held either in Estonian or English

Performance dates:
4.09 at 15–17
25.09 at 15–17
2.10 at 15–16 and at 16–17
17.10 at 15–17

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Laura Kuusk
How to Move Like a Slime Mould, 2021

The installation How to Move Like a Slime Mould is a sound cocoon created by a female voice and an ambient sound, walking the visitor through his/her/ their bodies to suggest an experience of becoming an other-than-human organism. The participants are asked to find a comfortable way of interacting with the installation and build their personal experience through spatial and auditory elements. The installation emphasizes the idea of reuse and growing through change, not accumulation. At agreed times the artist will guide the audience through the experience. The performance will suggest bodily choreography, encouraging the audience to change perspective in the space, to touch and move, and to eat food created by yeast or mushroom cultures.

You know how to make the shortest path out of a labyrinth.
You are yellow and you eat fungal spores, bacteria, and other microbes.
You can learn and adapt to your environment.
You are said by humans to be an ideal substrate for future and emerging bio-computing devices.

Most of Laura Kuusk’s artworks have to do with recycling anthropological visual (found) materials. Kuusk is interested in the decision-making mechanisms within the collective consciousness. She experiments with the visual traces of bodily experiences and their connection to larger socio-political processes. Kuusk has completed a research diploma at Annecy Higher Art School (DSRA, 2014). She has been an associate professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts photography department since 2015.

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