Joosep Kivimäe “I love you”

Joosep Kivimäe. I love you. 2021

Venue: Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia’s facade (Rumbi 3 / Põhja puiestee 35, Tallinn)
Artist: Joosep Kivimäe
Dates: 15.09.–24.10.2021
Opening times: accessible 24/7
Accessible by wheelchair

Cut flowers are used to express different emotions. Yet, the fleeting beauty of the last week of their life cycle is preceded by a long and draining period of cultivation and fertilization, at the end of which the flowers are cut and transported thousands of kilometres – whether in temperature-controlled trucks, ships or planes.

At the time when the pandemic forced the world to a halt, the flower industry was fighting for survival. COVID-19 has provided society with a chance to review its operating structures, as well as to grasp the vulnerabilities of global trade. Instead of returning to a “normal” life, it might be better to redefine what is considered normal. The pandemic has challenged the tradition of expressing emotions through materialized gestures. The present time offers a fertile ground for sowing future orientated ideas and visions, as well as for eradicating negative, outdated habits and beliefs which have an impact on us and the environment.