Glass Struggle

Sten Eltermaa. Palat nr 77. 2021

Venue: EKA Gallery (Põhja pst 7, Tallinn)
Artist: Sten Eltermaa
Texts: Maria Lee Liivak
Web: Maria Muuk
Dates: 25.09.–09.10.2021
Opening times: Tue–Sat 12–18
Opening: 28.09.2021, 5:30 pm 
Public programming: Artist talk and guided tour (please check the Tallinn Photomonth website and social media for the latest information)
Accessible by wheelchair

Glass Struggle is an ongoing artistic research project on glass as material, paradoxically fragile and extremely resilient at the same time. Glass is used in high-security buildings, and even the Pope drives around in a vehicle protected by bulletproof glass. Glass allows for both transparency and reflection, thus also a symbol of democracy – a reference to open and equal dialogue between people and those in power. However, it also has a link with totalitarianism and the divergence of social strata. Glass Struggle is based on the binary principle of the viewer and viewed.

Glass Struggle is also visible online in collaboration with dramatist-poet Maria Lee Liivak. Her texts include reflections, dreams, poems, notes, and other textual input related to the theme of glass. The online version is also accessible from one of the sculptures (“A Satellite Deviated from The Orbit”).

The online version of the exhibition ( is designed by Maria Muuk.

Glass Struggle is part of the Young Artist Award 2020 programme at the EKA Gallery.