Berit Kaschan’s creative writing workshop

Anna Kaarma. Meditation. 2021

Venue: Lugemik bookshop (Vabaduse väljak 8)
Workshop instructor: Berit Kaschan (writing coach and poet)
Accesible by wheelchair

The first part of the writing workshop entitled Identity focuses on name and the stories behind it, the second part on origin – home or other places that have become important to us through life, places where
we have grown, changed, and discovered something important about ourselves. We take a look at memories and connections that have shaped us as possible sources of empowerment, focusing and writing on the best part of them. We read, write and discuss together. The atmosphere of the workshop is free and supportive, all ideas and associations that pop up are right and worth sharing. The aim of the workshop is to develop the courage to write spontaneously and

to experience the joy of writing (which can then be continued independently later on). So, be sure to bring a pen and a notebook you like to write in. If you have other questions about writing, feel free to ask the instructor. The duration of the workshop is 2 hours, and one workshop accommodates 12 people. Price:
15 euros.

Registration and additional information by e-mail: