Artist Walk

Production platform Reskript. Artist Walk. 2021


Different venues of the Tallinn Photomonth Satellite Programme

Venue: Different venues of the Tallinn Photomonth Satellite Programme
Dates: throughout the duration of Tallinn Photomonth
Tour Guides: Artists involved in the Tallinn Photomonth Satellite Programme
Idea, production, instructions: Production platform Reskript (Henri Hütt, Maarin Mürk, and Evelyn Raudsepp (as a guest))

Artist Walk is the next chapter for the production platform Reskript, where the artist and the visitor will go on a scripted journey together. The artist decides on the journey and the audience member decides on the artist. A journey that emphasizes different possibilities for conversation, compositional patterns and mindful space-time. The scripts, which offer a form of introduction, intersection or ending to the day, have been developed by Reskript in collaboration with the artists.

Reskript, a platform for shifting the social and cultural rituals (founded by Maarin Mürk and Henri Hütt), is continuously expanding its field of activity. From bringing a more performative approach to openings, discussions, and presentations, they have moved on to guided tours for the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia’s collections, training 180 new collection specialists for the museum. The current Artist Walk format, connecting artists with art lovers, is the third major chapter of the Reskript project.