Main Exhibition: Anna Kaarma Lasnamäe audio expedition: poetic meanings for a functional space”

Venue: Lasnamäe
Opening times: 4.09.–17.10.2021
Acessible 24/7

Starting points in three bustops in Lasnamäe district:
– At the Kotka (city side) bus stop
– The beginning of Kivila Park, at the towers of Kivila Street 1 and 3
– End of Laagna canal from Ümera 60 towers

To access the sound expedition:
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Search for “Lasnamäe Sound Expeditions”

Anna Kaarma’s “Lasnamäe audio expedition: poetic meanings for a functional space” is part of the main exhibition of the contemporary art biennial Tallinn Photomonth Intensive Places at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM). The exhibition is curated by The Creative Association of Curators TOK / Anna Bitkina, Maria Veits.

– Three interactive walks in Lasnamäe
– Guests need a smartphone and headphones
– Available in Estonian, Russian and English
– Open 24/7!



During the late Soviet era, around 50 studio apartments were built in Lasnamäe for ​Estonian artists. Most of them are located in the standard nine-story​ concrete blockhouses​, to which a tenth floor has been added; however, the studio spaces are also located in the higher tower buildings.
Since then, several generations of artists have lived and worked in Lasnamäe. In one way or another, their work has been influenced by this space as well.
Anna Kaarma interviewed dozens of Estonian artists that have a personal connection to the area, or that are still living there today. Based on the interviews – but aiming to open a wider sphere of cultural meanings for the participants – three separate audio walks were put together in cooperation with writer Jan Kaus. All walks are based in different parts of the district and offer an insight into Lasnamäe from a specific angle.
By bringing the stories to the public and presenting them in their natural environment, we’ll see that no living space can be purely practical; that there is a history and culture where you might not expect to find it. Hopefully, the tours help to create a deeper level of meaning for the audience when it comes to this otherwise neglected part of town.

Anna Kaarma (1992) is an Estonian artist and graphic designer based in Tallinn. She graduated with a BA in Graphic Design (2015) and MA in Contemporary Art (2019) at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Kaarma has been focusing on the district of Lasnamäe in Tallinn – unravelling the architectural and social superstructure to fragments charged with personal meanings and experiences. Her diverse art practice involves photo and video works as well as expansive installations; book design, exhibition graphic design and publications.

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